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Task Management for Customer Success Teams

George Szundi   |   November, 2016

Natero was founded on the premise that Customer Success teams need better access to actionable customer data. Early on, we also recognized that CSMs were struggling with more than just customer intelligence. Customer Success teams were often working out of their inboxes, and juggling spreadsheets, shared docs, and productivity apps just to stay in sync and manage their customer tasks.

This often led to reactive behavior and business processes that couldn’t scale.

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Freshdesk Leverages Natero for Customer Success Insights

George Szundi   |   October, 2016

“Customer Success is not just a buzzword at Freshdesk – it’s a growth driver.”

We are delighted to share that Freshdesk uses Natero's CSM platform to proactively manage Customer Success.

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Data Driven Business: London 2016

George Szundi   |   September, 2016

Predictive Analytics World, a leading vendor-neutral analytics event, is holding its fifth annual conference this October 12-13 in London as part of the Data Driven Business event.

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Fundamentals of SaaS Customer Onboarding

George Szundi   |   July, 2016

"A successful onboarding paves the way to retention, renewal and even up-sell in the future."

Onboarding is a critical phase of the SaaS customer journey, setting the stage for your post-sales customer experience. It’s when customers form their first impressions of your product and decide whether it gives them value – or not.

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Four Management Challenges Keeping You Stuck in Firefighting Mode

George Szundi   |   July, 2016

"I spend at least 60% of my time reacting to urgent issues, and less than 30% analyzing and planning. I wish it were the opposite."

Join Natero and Glide Consulting for an online discussion about common management issues in Customer Success.

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Prove it or Lose it: Recording Available

George Szundi   |   June, 2016

How will you prove your value and justify your Customer Success budget to your senior management team? Check out this presentation featuring Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director of the Customer Success Association.

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Customer Success Organizations: Learn from these Experts

George Szundi   |   June, 2016

The word is out: Customer Success is crucial to SaaS, and a lot is being written about the subject every day. In fact, it's getting increasingly difficult to sift through the deluge of new content to find useful (and actionable) advice.

Luckily, there are a handful of organizations you can turn to for consistently great insights. Here are our favorite groups that share some of the best Customer Success knowledge:

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