Don't Mistake a Friendly Customer for a Successful Customer

Dennis Hennessey   |   February, 2018

"Ignorance is bliss."

Or so they say.

BUT, if you are responsible for the health and well being of your customers, ignorance is simply inexcusable.

As a Customer Success Manager, it’s your job to have your finger on the pulse of your customer’s needs, wants, and desires. You MUST know the ins-and-outs of their business as it relates to your products and services. You need to know what their goals, objectives, and success measures are; and you need to be able to anticipate how, when, and where these might change, and why.

Yes, being the point person for your customers is a multifaceted job.


New Batch of Natero Integrations Deliver More Context for CSMs

George Szundi   |   January, 2018

Natero connects with a long list of popular business apps, and we're excited to announce our newest batch of direct integrations!

Google Calendar, TeamSupport, FreshBooks, and Pendo are the latest sources of customer data for our ever-expanding Customer Success platform.


Customer Success vs. Customer Support: An Insider's Guide

George Szundi   |   January, 2018

Michael Redbord knows a thing or two about helping customers succeed with B2B software. Over the last decade, Michael has helped shape Support, Services, and Customer Success at HubSpot, a SaaS pioneer on a mission to make the world more inbound.

We sat down with Michael to talk about the roles that Customer Success and Customer Support play in today's subscription-based organizations.


Customer Success Organizations

George Szundi   |   December, 2017

As of today, there are over 200,000 Google search results with the phrase "Customer Success" in the title, and there are nearly 8 million results for articles that mention the term. Needless to say, there's a staggering amount of content out there about Customer Success!

To help cut through the noise, we've compiled our favorite Customer Success organizations that you can turn to for advice, inspiration, and community.


Automating Emails for Customer Success

George Szundi   |   October, 2017

Customer Success Managers are most impactful when they can help the right customers at the right time, but facilitating those interactions can be time-consuming and difficult to scale. One way that CSMs can regain precious time is to streamline customer communications through automation. Email automation not only helps to scale outreach efforts, but it also allows CSMs to engage with customers in clever ways.

Wondering how email automation could benefit your Customer Success processes? Let’s explore a few of the automated emails commonly sent by Natero users:


Better Dashboards for Customer Success Teams

George Szundi   |   October, 2017

Natero is known for its extensive reporting capabilities that let Customer Success Managers explore their data with ease. Lately, we’ve been hard at work to deliver equally compelling custom dashboards for bite-sized reporting.


Scaling Customer Success: Technology vs. Headcount

John Kelly   |   September, 2017

Cash-flow and funding can limit headcount for many early-stage SaaS companies, and at the outset, Customer Success often falls on a team of one. This lone CSM is responsible for training, support, and an avalanche of other tasks to ensure that customers continuously renew their subscription. As the business grows, this team of one will need to figure out how to scale their role — and do so quickly. The solution frequently boils down to one of two choices: 1) invest in Customer Success software, or 2) hire an additional team member.

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