Andrew Rhodes

As Director of Customer Success Education for CSM Practice, Andrew Rhodes has helped executives across the country realize the value of this dynamic discipline. Andrew draws upon years of strategic business consulting experience and is extremely passionate about Customer Success. Andrew is redefining the goal of Customer Success – it is not a matter of stopping churn, but of creating the business conditions in which churn becomes impossible.
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How To Manage Your Customer Lifecycle

Why Some Touchpoints Matter More and What To Do About It

Customer Success is a rapidly changing discipline, yet at its core it remains one of the best ways to help existing customers achieve their business goals.

For us to help our customers within the context of our product, we need to be specific about the value our product delivers, and how we can help them derive even more value from our relationship for years to come.

It is helpful to envision the complete Customer Lifecycle for each of our products and identify key events and milestones at different points on our Customer’s Journey.

In this article, I will discuss how Customer Success professionals can address these seven categories of Customer Lifecycle events to maximize the value of their solution:

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