Brooke Goodbary

Brooke has spent the past 6 years delivering more value to customers. She was most recently an Account Manager at Intercom, a messaging platform that empowers businesses to have human conversations and create personalized experiences with users. Brooke enjoys exploring her new surroundings in Barcelona, practicing yoga, and blogging about Customer Success on Medium.
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First 90 Days in Customer Success Management

You’ve been brought in as the founding member of the Customer Success team — congrats! Your company is making a major investment in helping customers derive more value from its products and services. Now you’re faced with the inevitable question: where to begin?

This roadmap will outline what you should expect to accomplish in your first 90 days. At the end of this timeframe, you will understand your product’s use case, know when and how to encourage customers to take actions that drive value, and have a vision of where you want to lead your team in the future.

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