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Customer Analytics to Improve Product Value

Much like marketing automation revolutionized marketing teams, new CSM solutions have the capacity to accelerate the productivity and efficiency of Customer Success teams.

In this installment, we'll explain how CSM solutions with Customer Analytics can also improve product value and help create more effective marketing campaigns.

We'll also highlight how these analytic capabilities provide Customer Success teams with the data they need to inform product managers, marketers and management as to what's working, what's not working and what needs improvement.


Measure the Impact of Customer Success Management

In this excerpt, we'll show how Customer Success solutions deliver actionable insights about the effectiveness of onboarding, QBRs, playbooks, and more.


Arming Customer Success Managers with Knowledge

In this article we'll explain how Customer Success software like Natero help arm Customer Success Managers with the information they need to effectively respond to customer alerts.

We'll also cover how CSM solutions present critical information including why a customer alert was triggered, historical account information coming from various back-office systems, and guidelines on how to handle alerts.


Optimize Your Customer Lifecycle Journey

How can Customer Success Managers proactively manage customers along an ideal lifecycle journey?

In this article, we'll discuss how Customer Success solutions can identify customers who miss key milestones needed for a path to success.


Predict the Future! Identifying Risk and Opportunity for B2B SaaS

Customer Success Management solutions have the capacity to accelerate the productivity and efficiency of CSM teams.

In this article, we focus on a key value of a CSM solution: identifying risk and opportunity across your customer base.


How Customer Success Can Convince Product Teams to Act

No one in a SaaS company has more interaction with the existing customer base than Customer Success Managers (CSMs). CSMs have the best understanding of how the product is used, and have the greatest insight into customers’ needs and desires.


Use Your Powers of Deduction To Handle Customer Alerts Like a Pro

One day you wake up and one of your accounts has a bright red “CHURN” alert. Well, it's good that you caught it before it happened.

But what do you do now?

E-mailing, "we noticed that you haven’t been back for a while..."

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