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Thad Tremaine is a customer success and services professional with a proven record of transforming service operations into a competitive advantage and expanding top-tier client relationships.
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How a 1950s Neonatal Assessment Tool Can Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value

This guest post by Thad Tremaine originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.

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In 1952, Virginia Apgar invented a method for quickly assessing the health of a newborn.

Virginia’s “APGAR” score, still in use at hospitals around the world, allows physicians to evaluate a newborn baby on five simple criteria, each on a scale of 0 - 2. The individual scores are summed, creating an overall score that ranges from 0 to 10.

A low score necessitates immediate intervention to further assess what’s wrong, improving the odds of the child’s long-term welfare.


Customer Success Leadership Considerations for Driving SaaS Feature Adoption

This guest post by Thad Tremaine originally appeared in LinkedIn Pulse.

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Your SaaS product team just delivered your most feature-rich release ever. While they’re popping the Champagne, it’s time to put your marketing and services teams to work to drive adoption of your new capabilities.

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