Centralized Customer Communications


Today, customers can interact with vendors across many different channels.

While this new era of communication is great for the customer, it can pose a significant challenge for Customer Success Managers (CSMs) who must keep up and stay in sync with their entire portfolio of accounts.

To save CSMs time, Natero collects and organizes customer emails, chats, meetings, support tickets, and notes in one central place.

Customer Interactions

Natero captures a variety of customer communications, including:

  • Emails
  • Chat sessions
  • Support tickets
  • Meeting history
  • Call logs
  • Notes

Communications are logged from your day-to-day activities in Natero (sending emails, logging calls, adding notes) or synced from over fifty third-party integrations like Salesforce, Intercom, GoToMeeting, Freshdesk, and more.

Communications Timeline

You'll never need to dig through your inbox or log into different apps to figure out where a relationship left off. Natero brings your customer communications together in an easy to use, cohesive timeline.

Timeline of customer communications

The timeline serves as a snapshot of all interactions your organization has had with each account.

With one click, you can filter the timeline to show only specific interactions or quickly search for keywords across all customer communications.

Filtered customer interactions

For example, a search for the word seats across multiple accounts might yield promising leads for upsell opportunities.

Searching customer communications

Or, perhaps you'd like to see all recent emails or support tickets that mention a new feature? Whatever the case, searching across multiple channels and multiple accounts can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Keep Your CSM Team In Sync

Centralized communications are especially helpful when CSMs share accounts, team members go on vacation, or when account owners change.

It can save countless hours a week spent chasing down interactions or huddling with team members just to stay in sync.

Using Natero, CSM teams can quickly review account communications so they can spend more of their time doing what they do best — driving meaningful conversations with their customers.

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