Four Management Challenges Keeping You Stuck in Firefighting Mode

"I spend at least 60% of my time reacting to urgent issues, and less than 30% analyzing and planning. I wish it were the opposite."

Join Natero and Glide Consulting for an online discussion about common management issues in Customer Success.

We'll be covering four themes which plague CS teams, including:

  • A basic (but critical) mistake keeping your team from being efficient.
  • Communication errors damaging your credibility and productivity.
  • How to spot the hidden support debt making your team's life a nightmare as you scale (and what to do about it).
  • A management blind spot preventing your team from driving value.

You'll also hear anecdotes and examples from Dan & Nils' 15 years of combined experience building and leading Customer Success teams — don't miss it!

Nils Vinje
Glide Consulting

Dan Gamito
Glide Consulting

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