Better Dashboards for Customer Success Teams

Customer Success dashboards

Natero is known for its extensive reporting capabilities that let Customer Success Managers explore their data with ease.

Lately, we’ve been hard at work to deliver equally compelling custom dashboards for bite-sized reporting.

Stunningly Customizable Dashboards

Tired of pre-built dashboards that don't focus on the KPIs that matter to you?

Dashboards have become ubiquitous among business apps. Some are even useful. But far too many dashboards are generic afterthoughts that lack the ability to make them your own.

That's why Natero's dashboards leverage our full-featured report builder, which means you can include the Customer Success metrics that are actually relevant to you.

Create Dashboards with a Purpose

Build dashboards by role, team, customer type and more — Natero lets you create dashboards for any purpose. Share high-level snapshots that keep executives informed, or build granular views that help Customer Success Managers take action.

Dashboard selection

Customize and Personalize

Start with a blank canvas and add your favorite charts, graphs, lists and more. Drag, resize, and arrange each panel any way that you like — every dashboard can have a unique layout.

Drag-and-drop dashboards

Like digging into the details?

You can magnify the contents of a dashboard panel or jump right into Natero's report editor with a single click.

Make It Your Own or Share With a Team

Do you review KPIs with your Customer Success team? Create public dashboards that make it easy to share metrics with team leads or other CSMs.

Want to design views just for yourself? Create private dashboards that exclusively focus on your custom views.

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