Customer Success Email Campaigns

Customer Success Email Campaign

Today we’re highlighting Natero’s Email Campaigns, a powerful feature that helps Customer Success Managers send targeted messages and improve engagement.

Managing email campaigns through Gmail or Outlook is cumbersome, to say the least. Email marketing systems are efficient but they’re also disconnected from key customer metrics. Natero arms Customer Success Managers (CSMs) with a scalable email solution based on actionable customer data.

CSMs can target the right accounts with the right message at the right time.

Streamline Communications

Natero’s email solution fits seamlessly into your daily workflow. Send an individual email or create an entire campaign to drive your customer success goals.

  • Send a quick note.
    Click on a contact's email address to compose a message right from Natero; no more switching gears to open a separate email app. Emails are saved as interactions so you can see your communication history with any account.
  • Create impactful email campaigns.
    Email a group of accounts based on the criteria you define using detailed customer data. Use Email Campaigns to re-engage idle accounts, promote under-utilized features, or drive any other customer success goals – at scale.

Target the Right Customers

Natero integrates with all of your customer data hubs like CRM, support, billing and more. You can use Natero to spot engagement opportunities or define rule-based lists to target customers that meet certain criteria.

  • Segment using account attributes.
    Target customers who are fully subscribed and might want additional seats. Send words of encouragement to accounts that reach a significant onboarding milestone. Natero lets you pinpoint customers based on dozens of predefined and custom account dimensions.
  • Target using metrics and events.
    Identify the best power users to nurture into customer advocates. Proactively engage unhealthy accounts that are coming up for renewal. Whatever your goal, Natero lets you create highly targeted customer lists using event occurrences and metrics over time.
  • Customer List Rule Definition screenshot
    Example list rule: unhealthy accounts up for renewal

Create Engaging Emails

  • Use dynamic tokens like first name, last name, and company to personalize your messages with up-to-date contact information.
  • Include formatted text, hyperlinks, images, tables, and attachments. Brand each message with your company logo and custom email signature. Expert email designers can even switch to a built-in code editor for ultimate flexibility.Customer Success Email

View Email Performance

See detailed email metrics like delivered, opened, clicked, and bounced. Monitor overall results or drill down to see individual contacts for each metric.

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Email campaigns are just one of the ways Natero helps Customer Success Managers reduce churn and increase SaaS adoption.

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