Use Your Powers of Deduction To Handle Customer Alerts Like a Pro


One day you wake up and one of your accounts has a bright red “CHURN” alert. Well, it's good that you caught it before it happened.

But what do you do now?

E-mailing, "we noticed that you haven’t been back for a while..." probably not going to work.

It's blatantly telling the user that all you care about is whether they will leave your platform. If they’re right at the brink of churn, you want to remind them of your value to them, not the other way around. A reminder that you— yes, you— know their needs, and have the solutions to meet them.

But first, you need to figure out what's going wrong. Let’s solve the mystery together:

So, why did you get that “CHURN” alert this morning?

  • Clue 1: The client hasn't logged into your product in over a week.
  • Clue 2: They've used your product for less than 10 hours over the past 30 days (wow, that's oddly low).
  • Clue 3: Their predictive churn score is at 70%.

That doesn't seem like much, but luckily, Natero’s Customer Success platform has a Sherlock Holmes level of deductive power.

On the interactions page, you notice that you have had an e-mail exchange with Jim a few weeks ago, regarding a possible upgrade to a higher tiered plan.

You followed up a week later, but didn’t hear back.

Most of the account’s metrics (such as usage, time on site) have all gone down. But you want to explore a bit further, so you start exploring usage by module. It looks like a user named Mike is spending a lot of time in "Data Integration" under "Configuration" ...and "Support."

Aha, now the dots are starting to connect!

Jim probably wanted to upgrade the account to expand the data insights. Mike, the data engineer, had been trying to add additional connections — but it looks like something got in the way?

Armed with this level of knowledge, you can reach out with integration support, and solve the issue. Your request will resonate with respect for their needs.

And that could win back your client.

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