Customer Success Organizations: Learn from these Experts

Customer Success Organizations

The word is out: Customer Success is crucial to SaaS, and a lot is being written about the subject every day. In fact, it's getting increasingly difficult to sift through the deluge of new content to find useful (and actionable) advice.

Luckily, there are a handful of organizations you can turn to for consistently great insights.

Here are our favorite groups that share some of the best Customer Success knowledge.

Customer Success Association

Led by CS guru Mikael Blaisdell, the Customer Success Association (CSA) is our front-runner for Customer Success education.

Members include some of the leading practitioners and executives in Customer Success. The CSA provides many valuable resources, including The Customer Success Technology List and The Customer Success Library. Mikael also manages The Customer Success Forum, the largest and most influential Customer Success group on LinkedIn.

If Customer Success events are your thing, the CSA hosts SuccessCon, a vendor-independent conference held around the United States and in Europe. Conference speakers include some of the most experienced and visionary thought leaders in the Customer Success community.

Glide Consulting

With over 15 years of cumulative experience working with Customer Success teams, Alex McClafferty, Dan Gamito, and Nils Vinje have seen CS organizations transform from wasteful, inefficient cost centers into radiant, economical value-drivers. As part of Glide Consulting, they help SaaS businesses build world-class Customer Success teams.

Alex and Nils invested 5 months in creating a free 23,000 word guide for CS leaders: Built to Serve - Your Customer Success Playbook. It's jam-packed with Customer Success tips and expert advice you won't find anywhere else, and definitely worth reading.


Started in 2012 by Jason M. Lemkin, SaaStr is now the largest community of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs.

Jason does a great job of identifying key metrics, best practices, and pitfalls for Customer Success. The SaaStr Academy devotes an entire category to Customer Success and offers timeless advice for any SaaS company looking to scale.

In addition, Jason hosts SaaStr Annual — a one of a kind event that brings together 5,000 SaaS founders, execs and investors to learn from the best in the business.


Earlier this year, Andrew Marks and Todd Eby launched SuccessHacker, an organization focused on delivering industry training, consulting, talent management, and an open community for Customer Success professionals and leaders.

SuccessHacker isn’t your typical consulting outfit.

Their creative, action-oriented approach to Customer Success really comes through in their growing Customer Success community.

What they’ve built is a place where Customer Success leaders and practitioners can go when they need practical advice, want to collaborate with the community, or need to find a job.

Sound like your kind of place?

Visit OUTCOMES: The SuccessHacker Community to join the party.


Based in Ireland, John Kelly is the Managing Director of CustomerLink, a technology and consulting services firm helping EMEA organizations understand, measure and improve Customer Success.

With over two decades of experience leading support and services operations, John knows a thing or two about helping customers succeed.

You can read some of his latest thoughts right here on the Natero blog, including The Customer Success Journey, Customer Success is Not What YOU Think, and Hiring, Developing, and Retaining Your Customer Success Team.

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