Customer Success Roles and Metrics

Customer Success Performance Metrics Survey Results

Recently, Natero conducted a survey to examine the responsibilities of Customer Success teams and the metrics they use to evaluate performance.

The mission of Customer Success is increasingly universal, but just how CSM teams operate and what they measure is not.

Over one hundred Customer Success professionals took part in this survey about CSM roles and key performance metrics. We compiled the responses and asked Mikael Blaisdell, director of the Customer Success Association, to comment on the results.

Some of the take-aways include:

  • Customer Success Managers are tackling a variety of functions as organizations try to determine how Customer Success fits into their existing structure.
  • Performance metrics for Customer Success teams remain extremely variable across different companies.
  • Only 20% of the respondents use software specifically tailored for Customer Success Management.

Want to see more of our findings?

Download the complete Customer Success Performance Metrics Survey Results.

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