Optimize Your Customer Lifecycle Journey


How can Customer Success Managers proactively manage customers along an ideal lifecycle journey?

In this article, we'll discuss how Customer Success solutions can identify customers who miss key milestones needed for a path to success.

A customer’s lifecycle journey is as critical to success as a SaaS solution’s benefits.

If someone doesn’t believe they are getting the value they expected within a reasonable timeframe, they may lose confidence in the solution and the incentive to engage — even if the product could have provided that value.

Defining and setting milestones that deliver on the customer’s expected “path to value," and reaching out to customers who aren’t meeting those milestones, can be valuable in preventing churn scenarios.

Why wait for a churn alert when its possible to detect and address a problem much earlier?

Rule-based Lifecycle Alerts

That's why a CSM solution needs to support rule-based alerts. It isn’t about predicting customer behavior — it's about tracking a customer’s journey against a set of specific achievements and timeframes based on rules set for individual customer segments.

Missed Milestones

For example, alerts for missing login milestones could have different criteria depending on the customer segment or profile, such as:

  • Tier 1 onboarding customer hasn’t logged in 5 times during their first week.
  • Tier 3 onboarding customer hasn’t logged in during first 2 weeks.

Rule-based alerts can help CSMs engage customers based on other criteria as well. Getting an alert when someone clicks on the “help” button too often, or when a trial is ending soon are ways that rule-based alerts can inform CSM teams as to who needs their help.

Rule-based + Predictive Alerts

CSM solutions that support both predictive analytics and rule-based alerts enable proactive outreach to customers who might leave, convert or buy more, as well as those who need nurturing.

When either type of alert occurs, it's important that the Customer Success Manager has the data and plan they need to proceed.

In the next installment, we'll look at how CSM solutions help Customer Success Managers respond to alerts by providing them with the knowledge and guidance they need to be effective.

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